Making people efficient and productive — The Smartphone era

We live in world that simply cannot function effectively without the mobile phones. Smartphones have brought the planet closer than ever before and has been playing a key role in transforming lives.

Have you ever seen how stressful when people get when their smartphones run out of battery? It seems like you can even survive in this world without food but not without a phone. Almost everyone has a mobile phone loaded with numerous apps. These apps help people shop, transfer money, listen to music, communicate with people all over the world, work and send documents, navigate, play or even prepare for an interview. There are endless possibilities when it comes to a smartphone. It performs for the functions of a phone and your personal computer. Everything you need is stored there as information. Whether you want to buy groceries or order a pair of shoes, all you have to do is just open the appropriate app, pay and get it delivered right at your door step. Without smartphones and the associated technology this won’t be possible.

Keeping you healthy

People are absolutely crazy about wearable gadgets. This wearable technology can keep track of your calories and fitness. The motion sensors on these bands are directly synced to your phones and the data can be obtained from your smartphone with ease. Fitness bands motivate people to stay fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. The fact that one can wear it on their hand makes it easy to carry it anywhere. Many companies are also launching smartwatches. These watches offer multiple functionalities that will let you listen to music, take calls, and perform essential tasks. They can also run mobile apps and enable users to play games. So it is a watch that provides the complete capabilities of a mobile phone.

The art of buying

Buying is definitely an art. And when it comes to buying mobile phones online, that art has to be mastered. When you do not pay attention to what you are buying, you might end up with a phone that is really not worth for the money you pay. There are many cheap replicas of branded smartphones in the market. If you are not careful enough, you might end up with one such model. When buying a mobile phone, determine how you will be using it. Will you be using it just for calls or will you be making use of the computational and professional apps on the phone? It is also important to check the battery life of the phone and how long it takes to charge completely. This information will be very useful if you use the phone for business calls that goes on for hours. Yet another important element of the phone is its storage capability. Since people use one phone to store all their documents, photos, videos and other information, the storage seems to be the deal breaker when it comes to buying mobile online.

The Internet of Things and Security

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next big wave in technology. It can be defined as the vast network of connected things/devices that have inbuilt sensors, network connectivity and electronics facilitating data exchange and response. For example, your car can be unlocked with the help of your smartphone or you can easily control data from sensors in your home. Many companies are already working on products that will use the IoT framework. The smartphone will play an integral role in this technology. With the telecom domain becoming increasingly efficient and effective, broadband is readily available. With phones built with advanced capabilities, the IoT will offer better ways to stay connected and perform a wide array of tasks. This will result in higher productivity and a well enhanced way of life for the users. The fact that anything can be connected to IoT makes it sound cool as well as a bit concerning. As more and more things get connected, it is important to take into account the security aspect of interconnectivity. Lack of proper security measures to prevent hacking and data theft might render it impossible for the concept of IoT to fail. With one click or swipe of a phone screen, anything can be accessed by a user. The future of technology is already here and there is no doubt that smartphones are going to play a major role in the successful working of IoT.

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