Empathy With Brain Computer Interface(BCI)

Empathy is sharing another person’s thoughts or experiences and trying to understand the situation of someone else. It requires some capacity of an individual to understand the counterpart’s feelings. Of course, one cannot be another person by just observing, to internalize the history one should live it. So when talking about empathy, it is about the understanding of the rough or overview of the feelings, experiences. With the technology, we could make this partial understanding come closer to the full potential. Brain Computer Interfaces could help us do that. Imagine that the experiences, thoughts and maybe feelings are recorded and it is uploaded to other people’s BCIs to live the moments as the owner did, exactly.

This could bring new horizons to the humanity. As the very first idea, we could have connected to the people in need deeper than now and contribute to the supplying what is required. Because we live in the flow of the live, forgetting or skipping unpleasant memories is like the defense mechanism to keep the routine going. This external empathy potential could be so valuable to have people participate in action. This action does not have to be helping others. People see others through TVs and collective actions like resisting or protesting might sound them a little crazy. But this decision could be fooled by the main stream media. To know exactly, or almost exactly, what the people in action are thinking could influence the judgments of the public.

As this is just an imagination of what could have done, some aspects like misleading memories, fake news generated in the new platform are neglected.

There are different possibilities,opportunities and they will keep increasing as the tech become available. Like in the smart phones, their usages will be broader than expected. To find useful applications of it is up to the creative minds.