Factors Of Cooperation

I am thinking of the factors that affect the cooperation quality. As we experience in our daily lives, there are different examples of cooperations like studying together(an obvious example from a bachelor student :) ). Even playing in a band does sound like a cooperation to me. How do people decide on this companionship? How does the trust emerge? I will try to come up with possible ideas on this topic, and there is no evidence behind them. There are research on this topic, but I would like find new parameters, if any exist.

Size of the group should be a factor to determine the success of the cooperation. When the community size is small, members would be interacting with almost all other members of the community, think 4–5 people. In this type, I think the relations would comprise more personal aspects, and the personalities matter when creating a healthy community cooperating. But what happens when the community becomes 5000 people. The possibility of each person knowing each other as good as in the previous example is lower. Even one spends 10 minute with 4–5 everyday, it is not the case with 5000 people. So, the basis of the cooperation would shift to more ideological level. Take Gezi Parkı, hundreds of thousands people gathered with an aim, and complaining from personal relations would not relate the spirit of the cooperation.

Another factor is reciprocity, most people would like to gain something from a cooperation, an act. Because there will be a valuable time spent on the cooperation, waiting a gain in return is not that irrelevant. This expectancy could be in different forms, like usual ones, money, reputation. Or good relations, feelings(happiness, excitement, even love ) could be one of the forms. Cooperation itself might be in a factor of cooperation, think of a person who likes cooperating.

Talent and personality would be affecting the cooperation, too. To show the talent, skill, or knowledge, one would be more willing to cooperate than the others. If you are good at in a field why not cooperate and show your talents to others, which would possibly provide reputation or good feelings. Vice versa, if one does not have the special knowledge or talent, and has the courage to get in the community and learn from others, the cooperation could be boosted. When these two types come together, one shows how to do and the other tries and tries, it could be the best for the community. New members join the team and they get experienced with the help of the others in the community.

Even these may not make sense, I have other ideas on this topic and I am leaving those to your imagination :) Since I am a computer engineering student, let me introduce a simple idea about the softwares and this topic. If one could find the dynamics of the cooperation, maybe an application could be developed to gather lots of communities to one application which would support different factors of the cooperation. For example, different sizes of groups could be handled differently and the people would be encouraged to participate into the community using the personality information observed in the system.