Resist Studying

I live in a dormitory in my university. Actually, I have been living in dormitory for 5 years. I got chance to have good friends, and we share funny moments in dorm rooms. Tonight is one those moments where I was with those friends. We have chatted for 1–2 hours and then that moment came, we all started dancing, without considering anything, leaving self free… :) This is actually like a ritual of ours, each term we do this at least once.

Yesterday, when I was talking to my roommate, the subject, about which we were talking, was always changing, e.g. Paladins(our lately popular game), departments we are studying, what to eat 1 hour later. Then, we started working on the report needed to be submitted next day. Of course, working part did not take long, it was just 20 minutes.

These two short memories are the representatives of many other moments of resisting studying. I am sure I am not alone about this concept. Sometimes the ambition to work does not really exist in me. In those times, my brain tries to find some exit from all of the responsibilities. It might appear in the shape of a flowing conversation, ideas of usual enjoyable activities like eating something, playing games, and wasting time in social media(which I do not do very often).

Because the feeling of frustration only comes when I have lots of responsibilities. And it would be so interesting to hear about what are people doing in those times? I think, the best option could be having a power nap, which I encountered on the web and is used to recover yourself from a tiring day. However, it might not work well because even after 30 minutes one might not want to return to working. Normally, I would question “why should I work?”, but I do not in this case since I had lots of responsibilities.

So, I think I should expand the scope of the subjects that I am working on. The excitement when working on my projects does not cover all the work I am doing to accomplish that project. An example of this is documentation. I am doing what I love but sometimes I should try loving what I am doing, I suppose :)

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