Spotting The Need

Lately I have been trying to improve my life experience by taking very small steps. Those steps could include carrying a light back-pack(obviously it has a laptop in it) because a heavy one makes me tired(I do not even realize) and having always a bottle of water with me. These small changes, I believe, make me happier, since I am trying to improve just very small aspect of my life. For me, it is really hard to find those needs of improvement, it requires criticizing the usual-looking events and objects. This is also another reason that I am not very successful in finding those steps, I am not used to think “what else can I do?” for regular stuff.

I think it is like a skill, or talent to think critically. And this is a key to finding the need of the people, and those people could invent innovative products. In the article “Sangeet Swara: A Community-Moderated Voice Forum in Rural India” from Aditya Vashistha, they created a free-toll voice forum in India and so many people from rural areas used it. A voice forum is similar to Twitter, but it is served from a telephone line and users listen to the voice posts from other people. Because there is no internet in those rural areas, this service reached a considerable number of people. What was not expected by the experimenters is that a lot of visually impaired people needed those kind of platform, since they do not have easy access to other people. In the article, the comments and feedbacks from those people are mentioned and, they loved it. The experimented free-toll service possibly changed their lives. In the same article, the next experiment was Talent Hunt voice forum which is not free-toll and this was for the university student use, each week the winner(most liked) user was awarded with a smartphone. After weeks, there is no award given to the winners, and all the users left using the service. Having access to online social platforms prevented people to use that service. So it was not a value for the college students, but for the people in rural areas, it was.

When I read it, it really made me keep trying to find the areas what I need, and what people need. Making practices by finding the little improvement spots of mine, will help me think critically, I hope.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know :)