Breaking Barriers

This morning on ASU’s campus, we met with a few separate professors to discuss XpandU, and the social media landscape in general.

What we found was quite interesting…

Before I get into that, I will however back up for a sec. To start, XpandU is back on Arizona State’s campus! We’re working hard to build a product and figure out how we can get it in the hands of you guys. We have lots of ideas, lots of different things we need to do, and only so much time.

We chose today to learn more about how professors think about social media and how they incorporate it into their curriculum. We’re developing a product for students, to learn and to grow their reach, in a super fun, cool way. When you look at the current landscape, it seems that Facebook and Twitter are the two popular avenues professors use. They create groups that organize class information, and twitter handles that create conversation and content. I think this experience helped us realize some things about ourself.

For one, we’re not really a Facebook group in that sense. At the moment, our software isn’t much of a Slack, but we are similar to twitter handles in some regards. We’re a platform about discussion, and we want students discussing a lot! Our product allows students to immerse themselves in discussion with other students, and this is important in the classroom environment. We need to discuss what we’re learning, what we’re thinking about, and what we’re doing. It helps create ideas, and reaffirms your positions in a valuable way.

Now this is all important, but I think what this led us to realize is that we’re about connecting students! The classroom is super important, and we want to help facilitate learning and discussion as best we can, but our main focus is on our users creating more relationships on their campus. Simple as that!

This doesn’t mean we cant be a great tool for the classroom however. It’s important you meet more of your classmates, discuss classroom material, and immerse yourself in the topic. We are ALL for this! We want all students killing it when it comes to the classroom, I think right now we’re just… a bit different :)

So, when you use XpandU, try to learn, try to immerse in discussion, and most importantly, make connections! Guys, there’s 80,000 students at Arizona State, it’s time you untap some of that value!!!

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