We all have fond memories of the crypto market in 2017, it was a time when we were all independently, financially independently…

Not-so-Rare pepe

Witnessing Rare Pepe coin climb 300% in 2 days was a rush that won’t be forgotten!

The meme economy was a lucrative business, 100% scam, but we didn’t care; it was fun and rewarding.

As the market matures, we don’t expect the conditions of 2017 to return — to our dismay! — However, this gives us opportunities that did not exist before.

A mature market is subject to clear regulatory oversight, and the main benefit of this is that the grey-area which made paying taxes even more confusing, or owning a bank account associated with an exchange potentially dangerous will no longer exist.

We all expect that, in the near-future, regulators will pursue safeguards that will protect users from malicious 3rd party actors, which will allow trustworthy, secure exchanges to have insurance policies so that a security breach that impacts your funds can be refunded to you.

The gaming industry is heavily regulated, as major companies are subject to strict financial laws. These restrictions bar gaming companies from working with unregulated actors.

With clear regulatory framework, we’re able to have a presence in markets that have so far been closed to us, while giving you the peace of mind to use exchanges and not fall victim to a hack.

XP brings the thrill of 2017 to 2019, as we release to you, Using a Provably fair system, we challenge you to try to beat the house!

In 2017, you made gains of over 10,000% with Doge-penis coin (hehe), in a market that was actively working against you, test your luck against a system that can be proven to have decided its hand before you sit-down to play!

Don’t make my mistake, I was up 900% by my seventh hand, but lost it all on the next! I hadn’t made gains like that for over a year — I gladly took the L.

Blackjack is a small step toward expanding our economy; one huge step towards giving you a complete crypto-gaming experience. We don’t aim to disrupt online casinos (this week), but blackjack is a fun, and rewarding showcase of XP’s commitment to continuous steady development.

Gamble responsibly!