It’s Not About the Coffee Mug

Murderer on the Loose Leaf limited edition coffee mug.

I know what you’re thinking: $30 + shipping is too much to pay for a coffee mug. You’re right — it is too much to pay for a coffee mug. You can buy one for $6 at Target, or just wait for someone to give you one for free. So why on Earth would you buy this coffee mug (besides the fact that it’s a limited edition, pastel green coffee mug emblazoned with the title of an upcoming film directed by Mari J. Patterson)?

It’s not about the coffee mug — it’s about what the coffee mug represents. Take this particular coffee mug, for example. This coffee mug is currently being offered as a limited edition perk for the Murderer on the Loose Leaf indiegogo campaign. Every coffee mug purchased = $20 toward Murderer on the Loose Leaf pre-production costs. So, when you pay $30 for a coffee mug, you are actually helping Mari J. Patterson make her senior thesis film. In return, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you helped make the dreams of a young, independent filmmaker possible (and you get a coffee mug).

Just kidding, there is one. You can buy it right here.