introduce about PlayChain Game

PlayChain Decentralized Game Platform

PlayChain is a platform built on Ethereum BlockChain to play games,

PlayChain continues to develop unique and fun games,

What are the advantages of Playing Games on PlayChain Platform?

  • the advantage is that you can play Games with your Friends, you can get $PCN for Free, When you register on PlayChain to play the Game, you will get a registration bonus of 10,000 PlayChain, invite your friends to play and if you win, you will get all PlayChain from the bet amount of your friends
  • PlayChain Every week will make give away to all Members, every week the playchain will create a game competition with 1 million PlayChain prizes for 3 winners
  • If you are a game founder, you can sell your game on PlayChain Platfrom, we will pay for your game according to the transparency of your game

what games are available now?



PlayChainBird is a Bird game that is very easy to play and very fun, but the Game is under repair, but you can play it but there are some incomplete facilities, such as registration, score results, and the best player list

  • 2.PlayChainTetris

PlayChainTetris is the second game that we use on the playchain platform, this game is very exciting and challenging, you can get free playchain for free for this game, every piece of block that falls you will get a 10 PlayChain commission

Other games will soon be available on PlayChain Platform, stay connected with us,

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