Our CEO, Richard Mori, presenting at the EEP Africa Knowledge Exchange Forum

Each year, EEP considers hundreds of applications from around the globe and presents the Project of the Year Award. The award seeks to recognize innovative and successful approaches to clean energy access initiatives in Africa. On 9th November 2018, Mesh Power was invited to present at the award ceremony as one of two finalists. Our CEO Richard Mori presented our story, explaining the challenges of mini-grid developers in Rwanda, how we had overcome these challenges, and describing the success of our AC/DC mini-grid installation in Gitaraga, Bugasera District. It was an honor to be selected as runner-up in 2018.

MeshPower’s AC meter features bidirectional wireless communication to a basestation. The single phase meter monitors voltage, current, real power, apparent power, the power factor, and energy consumption. The meter supports a load of up to 5kW and can be programmed to enforce a power or energy based cutoffs.

Our AC meters are integrated with Mesh Power’s proprietary web-based software suite, including data visualization, customer relationship management (CRM), accounting, and live-monitoring. Mini-grid operators using our smart meters are able to fully remote control and monitor their customers’ experiences, including shedding and dimming load, tracking individual usage, and assigning custom tariffs to individual customers.

If you are interested in buying our AC smart meters to support your mini-grid installation, please get in touch today and we would be happy to discuss pricing and schedule.

In 2018, Mesh Power added standalone solar-systems to its portfolio of service offerings, completing custom installations at Lake Bunyoni, Uganda and Buhanga, Rwanda. Standalone solar systems are a cost-effective way for programs to electrify their facilities in off-grid areas, adding value to their beneficiaries and improving the quality of their services. Our standalone systems typically range from 3kW to 5kW in size, but can also be custom designed to your needs after a site visit and load assessment. This solar generation can support small coffee washing stations, agro-processing equipment (inc. milk chilling and milling), or larger installations like water pumping…

In 2018, Mesh Power completed installation of our first AC/DC hybrid mini-grid system at Gitaraga Village in Bugasera District, Rwanda. This project was a collaboration with Energy4Impact, who provided business development supports and micro-loans to small-businesses in Gitaraga village who wanted to increase their sales through the purchase of small AC equipment.

The installation lasted only 3 weeks and cost USD 25,000; as of the end of the year, the mini-grid provides 10KWp AC power to >20 small businesses and DC power to >100 households in the village. With this new technology, we are not only able to provide energy…

Xpower Inc.

Off-grid utility company, powering economic development in the developing world. www.xpowerinc.com, www.meshpower.co.rw

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