Explanation of JavaScript coupled with awesome code examples that are readable and easy to understand

All Levels, — Video: 5 hours, 67 lectures

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Course requirements:

Notepad++ or any other IDE

Course description:

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It can be run by all modern web browsers. It is downloaded alongside the HTML code of a webpage. JavaScript allows you to add functionality and interactivity to your websites.

We have designed this special JavaScript tutorial to ease your worries as it’s the best front end development tutorial you can get when it comes to real and quick results!

This course will teach you the all the parts of JavaScript programming and you don’t need any previous experience to start learning.

We will start with learning where to place JavaScript. We will take a look at placing JavaScript code in different places — inside HTML tag, inside of //

In the first part of our tutorial we’ll cover very simple but important things like JavaScript variables, JavaScript objects, Functions and Arrays and then we’ll get down to more complex topics like loops, logical operators, math objects, etc.<\/p>

Each lesson contains interesting code examples which we’ll launch in a browsers together and see the results of our coding!<\/p>

We will end each section with analyzing of typical mistakes you guys will face with in your daily work with JavaScript.<\/p>

We will analyze JavaScript code which contains errors and mistakes together and will fix all the issues making the code working. After that will launch those code examples and make sure we’ve fixed all the issues.<\/p>

Yes! You’ll save a lot of time and will be able to avoid a number of headaches related to finding of appropriate solution for a huge number of daily tasks you’ll face with as a JavaScript developer.<\/p>

If you guys are searching for a really valuable JavaScript course that will impact you with the full knowledge you need to create dynamic websites that will show you are an expert in front end development, look no further — just join the course and let’s get started!<\/p>

Full details
 Implement dynamic websites using JavaScript
 Understand JavaScript code
 Avoid typical mistakes developers have and fix issues quickly
 Beginners who want to learn how to build dynamic websites and do it professionally
 Anyone who wants to expand their skills in JavaScript
 Students who have prior experience with JS but who struggle to build a professionally working websites<\/p>


“The course was made for those whom already know more than just the basics. Even though most of the concepts that were explained on the first lessons are really simple to understand as soon as you get deeper the explanations are not good.” (Rene Dall’Agnol)<\/em><\/p>
“The teacher is clear on his explanations and examples. I highly recommend this course” (Neokanobi)<\/span><\/em><\/p>
“The fact that this is posted as all levels when the material is at a beginner level.” (Tim Maxey)<\/span><\/em><\/p>
About Instructor:<\/strong><\/p>
IT Solutions<\/p>
ITsolutions helps organisations who need to train large numbers of people quickly and cost effectively. The company does this by offering a complete learning tutorials on different programming languages and IT areas.
 ITsolution is unique because it encourages its customers to share not just their ideas but also the resources they create in one of the world’s biggest and most active online learning communities. All of this has helped ITsolution customers save nearly $10,000,000.<\/p>
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