You are so very wrong on so many things here
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And now let’s hear from one of your favorite experts.

Pedophiles’ brains tend to have significantly less white matter. That’s the brain’s cabling tissue, which connects different parts of the brain together, and enables us to react appropriately to people and situations.

“Instead of evoking the responses that come with perceiving a kid, it’s as if it’s cross-wired, and when it sees a kid... it’s triggering the sex response system instead of the parental nurturing system,” Cantor says in the video.

Pedophiles’ Brain Differences Make Researchers Reconsider Treatment-Huffpost

Dr. James Cantor says it is a cross-wiring in the brain. That is not a natural occurrence of development. It is an anomaly.

More from Dr. Cantor in the same article.

“We should be creating situations where they can come in, remain anonymous, and receive sex drive reducing medication, or counseling, or group therapy, or whatever is appropriate to the situation we’re in,” he says in the video.

Dr. Cantor talks about the need to be dispassionate and clinical in dealing with pedophiles rather than reacting with ridicule and scorn. He is referring to the scientific community, not society as a whole.

Not once in my post did I claim you can be cured. I said you can be treated and that is true. Treatment has never equated to a cure in any ailment or disorder. Treatment helps to make something manageable.

Your arguments are flawed since you are arguing things I never stated. I never said that the fantasies someone has causes positive reinforcement to commit an act of any kind. I said the positive reinforcement that lets you go on believing that there is nothing wrong with you and that it is society that has the problem. It reinforces the belief that it is natural for some people to be this way, that convinces you even more that it is society that has the problem and that we should be more accepting that you are this way and be open minded enough to allow you to share your struggles with wanting to have sex with children, but damn the luck that made that illegal.

You want to claim that my argument about orientation is semantic but you are the one who is guilty here, and I’ll explain.

Merriam-Webster definition of “orientation”

: a person’s feelings, interests, and beliefs

: a main interest, quality, or goal

By this definition, you would be correct, but I was talking about sexual orientation which Merriam-Webster defines as:

: the state of being bisexual, heterosexual, or homosexual

To go even further, the American Psychological Association (APA) defines sexual orientation as:

Sexual orientation refers to an enduring pattern of emotional, romantic and/or sexual attractions to men, women or both sexes.

Clearly, orientation and sexual orientation have different meanings and sexual orientation is gender based by definition. You are using the word, orientation, in a general sense, not as it relates to sexual orientation, thereby allowing yourself to use it in a broader sense that would encompass your disorder. So semantics would be your game, not mine. I don’t know if you even realized that many of the articles you cited didn’t actually state pedophilia as an orientation. The articles talked about resembling or sharing some characteristics but did not definitively and unequivocally state it is an orientation.

I understand and fully accept that you have a disorder and your brain is cross-wired. I understand that a non-offending pedophile is not a molester and that not all molesters are pedophiles. Does that mean I should support your platform? No, it does not and no, I do not. Does that make me an ignorant bigot? Quite honestly, you cannot imagine the immensity of the fucks I do not give. Do I think it’s a good thing for you to have a group to support you and access to treatment? Absolutely. Do I believe you should be revered, celebrated and praised for your restraint in not hurting children? Sorry, I am not going to support a national holiday for you not doing something you are not supposed to do in the first place. I mean if we’re going to go down that road, let’s bring out all the sociopaths who fantasize about hacking people up into little pieces and celebrate them too. Thank you, sociopaths who realize that killing is bad and you really shouldn’t do it. The struggle is real. I get it. Do I want it around my kids? Is that even a question?

What truly confuses me is that you claim pedophilia is as natural as any other sexual orientation and yet you say that you struggle every day to resist giving in to your urges. My sexual orientation is hetero but I simply cannot recall any day in which it was a struggle to not give in to my urges. I don’t ever recall having an overwhelming compulsion to have sex with any man and most certainly not to the point where I would need a support group to get through the day. I would think that would be your obvious red flag that there is an unacceptable problem and it is in no way natural or normal.

Apparently urges and compulsions are intrinsic to non-offending pedophiles since you cannot seem to comprehend the hurt and damage you are causing to people by insisting you should be able to publicly impose your disorder on the masses and people who have been severely traumatized by child sexual abuse. You want people to be sensitive to your struggle while you feel you have no obligation to refrain from making someone else’s struggle worse.

The first sentence of that article about Dr. Cantor said, Research has shown that pedophiles tend to be shorter and less intelligent than the average person, as well as more likely to be left-handed. Your actions and your arguments are definitely reinforcing the research.

You did exactly what I said you would. You categorically dismissed everything I said, and you will most likely do it again. You state assumptions as facts and that completely takes away any validity to your arguments. You assumed I wouldn’t read your entire response. Wrong. You assumed that I have never or wouldn’t even bother reading anything about pedophilia. Wrong. I have worked in law for years. Research is a way of life.

Maybe you should be the one to take a step back and challenge your beliefs and consider that everything you are doing to this end is absolutely counterproductive to the result you seek. Unless you prefer to remain insensitive, ridiculed, and ostricised, but that would be your choice.

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