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Ok I have a question for you. I have been thinking about the real core issue here which is basically, to use your term, human rights. The woman has rights and those rights need to be protected. You say a fetus should have equal rights, no less than the woman’s rights, so naturally those should be protected as well. So the real issue is what should be done when those rights conflict. And obviously you consider aborting the fetus the same as murder. So does the fetus have the right to life over and above any rights a woman has to the extent that her body is no longer her own and is simply a vessel for incubating the fetus for nine months? Or can a woman decide she doesn’t want to carry the fetus to term and rather than abort, or unilaterally decide the mortality of the fetus, she has induced labor and the fetus is given a chance at life with viability being supported by medical care. Would that make any difference to your viewpoint or would a woman still be considered a murderer in your opinion if the fetus dies even with medical treatment? Because this is where the moral argument becomes fuzzy for me. How is it immoral to ignore one human’s rights over another when you are actually arguing for the exact same thing?

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