Beverly Park 1951
Danna Colman

Omg..your writing is amazing! I was a puddle of tears when I got to the end. There is nothing more confusing and heartbreaking to a little girl than the rejection of her father. But telling a small child that they are basically disposable and replaceable is cruel and unforgivable.

I remember in my college psychology class being posed the question: If you were on a boat and your child was on one side drowning and your mate was on the other side drowning and you could only save one, who would you save and why?

There were several people who said their mate because they could have more children. That response seemed crazy to me and it still does. At that time I was married and our son was an infant so I had a reference point with which to contemplate. Of course I chose my child. My reasoning was this: Me and my mate brought a small innocent life into the world and it is our duty to raise and protect that child until they are big enough and old enough to care for themselves. My mate’s parents owed him that duty and being a full grown man, I would hope he would be capable of saving himself. My duty is to my child first. I have four children now..between three fathers. If that shows anything at all, it is that mates are definitely replaceable but I could never imagine life without one of my children. They are all beautiful and unique and irreplaceable..just as you are!!! Thank you for sharing your story. Sorry this was so long. 😌

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