We do this through federal aid programs, tax benefits, government-mandated child support.
Equality isn’t a buffet where you get to pick all the rights and take none of the responsibilities.
Sumant Manne

These are not incentives to have children and they are not exclusively offered to women. All of these are assistance based and they barely qualify as assisting anyways. You must have no clue how expensive raising children is.

Do you know how many times I have heard men complain about having to pay child support and then declaring they are going to get custody so they don’t have to pay anymore? The hilarious side to that is the child support that is being paid isn’t nearly close to what the custodial parent is paying every day. That is true in a vast majority of cases.

And men are not exclusive in their disdain for paying support. Women are at times worse than men if they are the one that is ordered to pay, as if carrying and birthing the child results in a free pass to not have to provide support. I am not biased on this issue because both men and women don’t want to have to pay for their children’s support and that is tragic.