Thin Man , I am interested in your opinion about a situation I recently became aware of.

A woman in my office recently had a breast augmentation. She is not obscenely large but of course she is noticeably larger than she was prior, which is the whole point of the surgery. Anyway, within about a week of her return to work, our human resources person went into her office and informed her that her “boob job” was a cause for some distraction in the office and that she would need to buy a larger size of shirts, tank tops, blouses, etc.

I personally feel that this was completely out of line. She has not at any time worn anything to work that was too tight or didn’t fit. She doesn’t wear anything low cut or that causes her to “fall out” so to speak. In fact, I have larger breasts than she does and there are some things I wear that make it more noticeable than other things but I always wear office appropriate attire and nobody has ever said anything to me. I was rather shocked that she was singled out in this way and wanted to know your thoughts on this.

I am amazed even more by the fact that we are a law office and I would think the higher ups would know better than to do this. Also, the person that was spoken to is one of our attorneys. She was also rather shocked by this but her attitude is basically dismissive about the whole situation.