Except they are.
Sumant Manne

You still don’t understand this. I worked in this for years. What they are referring to is an assignment of rights. Welfare never does any collections on child support. When someone goes on cash aid they have to assign their rights to child support to the county for reimbursement for monies paid out to the person receiving aid. A referral is sent to the child support agency (DCSS) to open a case and establish paternity/support or enforce an already existing order.

When child support is collected by DCSS the first $50 goes to the aid recipient as a disregard payment and the remainder goes toward repayment of any cash aid that has been paid out by welfare. If the child support that is being collected exceeds the cash aid grant, the cash aid is stopped and all of the child support money that is collected goes to the party that was previously on cash aid.

The only “incentive” for collecting the money is to repay the state for money it has already given in cash aid. The penalty for DCSS if they fail to meet compliance in collections percentages is a 5% cut in federal funding for the program.

You are misinterpreting how this works and it is exactly what I was talking about because that is what I did for years. I’m not going to fault you on the argument you made because it is based on misconception or lack of understanding. But your understanding of it is incorrect.