Media lit post #1

Monopolization of media can be bad because prices are too high for consumers and production is too low, ending up with an inefficient balance in resources . Also getting on top can force people out of business then raise their prices to cover up the losses they took. They can also false advertise AND not tell the consumers all of the information they need to know just what they need to convince them to buy it . For example food looks amazing on tv or billboards when you’re hungry but when you buy it you don’t know how it really tastes. Another example is clothing stores putting out there how great their products are but when you get in there they can be WAY overpriced, not to mention bad quality. Lastly it can hide the truth by showing you how great their company is and all the things they do but you never know how they got there or how many people they put out of business or what happens behind closed doors to produce what they sell just like nike. My stance on less or more? Is less of it, people work for their money and live in this society just like these businesses and they, (we) deserve to know more knowledge and the truth about what’s really going on.