Vanguard Announces “America First” Stock Index

Newswire (New York 1/20/2017) The Vanguard Group, Inc. today announced the “America First” Index (AFIX) mutual fund designed for investors aligned with newly inaugurated President Donald J. Trump’s economic philosophy. The index aims to capture returns from companies engaged in activities that are frequently labeled as “politically incorrect” and whose stocks are sometimes excluded from investment portfolios to avoid controversy. AFIX includes defense contractors, gun manufacturers, drug makers, large farmers, oil and coal producers, investment banks, private prison operators, manufacturers of snack foods and sweetened beverages, and healthcare insurers. Companies in the index are restricted to those headquartered in the United States or the Cayman Islands. “We believe that Donald Trump’s election demonstrates that many investors may wish to benefit from the growth of an economy freed from regulation,” said a Vanguard spokeswoman. The prospectus for AFIX can be found on the web at https://vanguard/products/americafirst.