Actually no, I’m very well versed in the difference between correlation and causation.

Actually, your response suggests you are not.

“I also have forty years of working with couples in medical settings.”

Although you don’t specify, I presume you mean “working with couples” under circumstances where that couple is troubled in some way. So how does that inform on the majority of couples that did not seek your help? Not at all. You still labor under the misconception born of myopic focus.

“While much of my experience is in direct service, I have read hundreds of studies of domestic abuse”

Here again, how many studies about well adjusted non-abusive couples? If you’ve read even one, I would be surprised, because studies about well adjusted couples just isn’t “sexy” to researchers. So once again, you’ve self-informed only about the small segment and applied those conclusions to society (i.e. men) as a whole. That’s just wrong and I think you know it.

“I also have forty years of working with couples in medical settings.”

A second observation about what this sentence reveals: You previously wrote, “ The regular procedures of deal making, promotion, and other decisions are still structured to exclude women.” Now I’m pretty sure that dealing with “couples in medical settings,” while technically a service-for-hire, does not constitute the “business of deal making.” I, on the other hand, spent a significant portion of my career making “deals” in the health care industry, which “deals” were valued in the millions to hundreds of millions of dollars and involved numerous women in all capacities, from attorneys, to administrators, managers and technical and administrative support. Now in all those deals I never once witnessed any contrived attempts to “exclude women” but I’m wondering how “working with couples in medical settings” could give you even the remotest standing to make such a claim. Don’t worry, that’s a rhetorical observation. It doesn’t. It is apparent to me you are simply reciting the mantra of the feminist agenda or what you’ve been told to think.

“but women suffer much more than men.”

I’m curious. How do you measure the level of suffering? How do you tell that a woman’s suffering is worse than a man’s? Is there a scale. I’ve heard it said that while a physical injury will heal, an emotional injury can scar for life. I don’t put much stock in that, because I don’t know how that was being measured or tested, but I’m wondering how you managed to not only solve for the un-quantifiable, but also determine that suffering has a sexual denominator. Or is this just another example of your speaking out of your …. whatever.

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