The knee-jerk negative response and certainty are sure signs of bias.

As for “knee jerk negative response,”recall the impetus for my original comment: “ I sincerely doubt that one could ever get such humane treatment for minor transgression from authorities in the US…” Shoe seems to fit.

My “experience” is a both a white police officer, along with other officers of various races, dealing with a significant minority population and seeing first hand the number of times those officers overlooked relatively minor infractions because of personal circumstances of the perpetrator and even going so far as to attempt to provide assistance to those same people. Your reaction, again, “knee jerk negative response.”

“Reality is nuanced.” Right. So how could you make such a “knee jerk negative response” disrespecting all law enforcement officers in the U.S.? Maybe you’ve had some bad experience, I don’t know, but I’m willing to bet you’ve not had nearly what you claim. And I’m also willing to bet I’ve seen and had far more police interactions with minorities than you have. That’s not “white man’s experience.”

Of course, I could respond to you in kind. Since you’ve never been a police officer, you could not possibly have a valid opinion regarding the interaction of police with any race or gender. To take your argument further, no male judge could ever sit in judgment of a sex discrimination case; no female judge could ever sit in judgment of a gay discrimination case; no white judge could ever rule on a race discrimination case, and so on and so on, ad neauseam, ad infinitum. Frankly, you bore me.

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