Ryan Lochte Is the Ugly American
John McDermott

As I do not follow sports, I had not previously heard of Lochte until this sensational story broke. So I was a bit chagrined to learn that American’s applauded his London antics, which apparently included his “ditching his girlfriend” to chase other women. Really, that’s the kind of thing we praise nowadays? I couldn’t help but feel sympathy for the girlfriend that not only had to experience the betrayal but do so in the public eye. And Americans thought that was cute, lovable, respect worthy? If so, we’ve really lost our moral compass. I thought your article was both entertaining and informative right up to the point you declared supporters of a political candidate you oppose as reflecting the worst of America. Not cool. Whether or not you support Trump he was selected through our democratic process and whether you agree with them or not, to declare a significant element of society as “the worst of America” is not far from similar declarations regarding other distinct insular groups of Americans. If it is legitimate commentary about one group you cannot decry such behavior as inappropriate when applied to another. Disagree, absolutely, but let’s keep in on a high level that includes respect, even when we disagree.

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