We are all hypocrites.
Dana Cooley

First, I don’t agree that “[w]e are all hypocrites.” I don’t think that I am and I am acquainted with many that I do not believe are either. Perhaps declaring that hypocrisy is ubiquitous makes it seem okay to you. In any event, we “all” should strive not to be and I sense this author would be the first to denounce a stereotype applied to someone she cared about. Second, if you don’t think the article was disparaging to “Conservatives” perhaps you didn’t read closely enough, e.g.: “This lady proves Conservatives love a good hate like they love a good steak….” The whole point of the essay was that poor people work hard and deserve a living wage and that Conservatives, who avoided a similar fate only because of their privileged beginning, stand in the way of that because they have deluded themselves by wrongly thinking that they earned their success. I maintain that both the stereotype and the underlying premise are both wrong and insulting to conservatives. So I guess in that regard we disagree as well.

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