Agreed, “viability” as measured by current medical standards, is the Supreme’s deciding factor.
Mateo D

the point is it’s already been decided by the nation’s highest court…. and no longer open to argument,

I did not read the entire thread and so take no position regarding the underlying debate. My comment was strictly for purposes of clarifying the Supreme Court’s decision.

Consequently, I do not know that I fully understand the context in which you make your statement to the effect that Supreme Court decisions are “no longer open to argument.” If what you mean is that States must abide the decision while in effect, then I, for the most part, agree (The federal government’s authority is not plenary; there is credible argument that when the federal government, inclusive of the Supreme Court, oversteps its legitimate authority under the Constitution the States have a sovereigns’ duty to refuse obedience).

However, if you mean that once rendered a Supreme Court decision is sacrosanct, then I must disagree. Far too many Supreme Court decisions have been reversed to regard any of them as immune to disagreement or “no longer open to argument.”

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