I know you disagree with me and that pleases me.
Terry Stigers

I don’t know you but you sound like a liberal white male. If that’s true and you believe what you’ve been saying, then you didn’t “earn” the success to which you made reference. Now if you didn’t “earn” it, it really isn’t right for you to keep it, is it? Your arguments would be a lot more persuasive if you practiced what you preach and give back everything you didn’t “earn,” down to a level of, say, whatever is the minimum wage in your state, since clearly that is the only thing a white man could “earn” on his own without the privilege of being white. Do that and I might take you seriously. As for what I write, no one forced you to read it. But then again, you’re a liberal, so it’s in your nature to try and ban whatever you disagree with.

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