You fail to mention the most important thing of all.
Michon Neal

I suppose you would find it easy to be around someone who thinks rape is okay or who has done rape or even murder. Try being around the victims of those “adolescent antics” and see how you feel. And what was the line from Friends when Ross had to confess to his parents that it was his pot they found in his dorm? “So, who should I say made me do this?” Yeah, lets erase all the wrong, all the murder, all the rape, all the stealing because “white people” made them do it. Funny thing is, you don’t even realize that you had a friend in the author, who tries hard to look past the unforgivable and still find value in the quintessential sociopath. Frankly, I don’t care how hard you or anyone else had it growing up. I don’t care if your great-great grandparents were slaves. You don’t get to kill people; you don’t get to rape people; you don’t get to rob people and you don’t get to say, “white people made me do it.”

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