My Students’ Lives Matter
Thomm Quackenbush

I thought your essay was interesting and to a degree informative. As a former police officer, I bristle at your notion that police shootings constitute “executions” or are carried out by police with “itchy trigger fingers.” Police shootings are governed by the same rules of self defense that apply to any other citizen with one significant exception. Police do not have the option of running away. They are obligated to place themselves in harms way and to risk becoming a victim to protect others from that same fate. Have some police in the intensity of the moment fired too quickly? I’m sure you can find examples of that. Human beings are involved. But you can also find many more examples of police showing remarkable restraint at the risk to themselves of serious injury and even death. Of course, those events don’t make the news. Michael Brown is a fine example of how distorted views have become. Contrary to the BLM mantra “hands up; guns down” it has been conclusively shown that Brown did not have his hands up and was not surrendering when he was shot by the police officer he was attacking. That’s not an “execution” or even an example of an “itchy trigger finger.” That was an example of a police officer in harms way as a consequence of duty. Frankly, if it is a choice between a police officer or one of your charges I pray to God that it’s the police officer that survives. If you think otherwise, then you have your priorities significantly mixed up.

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