I suspect you’re white.

I was using “quantum leap” as a phrase, not the word, hearkening to the television show of the same name, i.e.“Quantum Leap,” where the protagonist travels to distant times in the past to correct historical wrongs. Perhaps my reference is dated. I apologize for any confusion.

Of course, because I’m white I cannot have any understanding of what goes on in the U.S., either generally or specifically. Good argument. Completely wipes out any possible validity my opinion may have without knowing anything else about me. The fact I was a police officer for five years in a large urban city with a significant minority population or a lawyer for 32 years thereafter,the last twenty of which I practiced civil rights law, all count for nothing by the immediate sweep of your counter that I’m white.

Sorry. I don’t accept your rebuke. I am guilty of being white, true, tut that’s as far as it goes. The idea there are police making reasonable decisions regarding minor infractions every day runs counter to your activist mentality. Frankly, it’s people like you that are the problem.

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