I’m happy to read that you didn’t work at Fox News.

“I’m happy to read that you didn’t work at Fox News.”

I don’t believe I wrote where I worked, but no, I’ve never worked for Fox News, not that I see that as indicative of anything.

“Of the largest 1000 companies in America, women now hold almost 19% of the seats on the BOD, and that’s progress.”

Couple of things. Given that a significant portion of the population of women voluntarily choose to become homemakers and raise children, 19% seems like a lot, assuming you believe that as a statistic alone it means anything. Secondly, Fox News is one of the most maligned mainstream media enterprises on the airwaves and especially by feminists. Now how can that be if nearly one-fifth of the seats on its governing board are women? Oh I get it. They’re powerful women who don’t mind men making decisions, right?

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