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I’ve often wondered just how serious feminists are about their cause. I don’t mean they lack in zealotry or passion for the “take” part of “give and take,” but what about that “give” part. I note that in Hollywood, a bastion of feminism, they still separate the Oscar categories according to sex. Men compete for “best actor” and women compete for “best actress,” yet uniformly outside of the Oscars men and women in the business are referred to by themselves and others simply as “actor.” So why the two categories when it comes to awards giving? Why aren’t they competing for just one award, “best actor”? It would sure shorten the award ceremony.

I also notice that when it comes to Title IX complaints, there is a hue and cry for equal spending on women's’ college athletics as is spent on the men’s athletics, without regard to how much revenue they generate. But why do we even have sports devoted exclusively to one sex or the other? Why not just open the sports up to both sexes and let the best play, regardless of the nature of the sport or the sex of the player?

Same goes for K-12 athletic activities. From time-to-time it makes the national news that a girl has qualified to play on a boys team, be it basketball, baseball or whatever. Of course, some boy did not make the team because that girl was selected. Okay. Fair enough. You’ve heard it all before. She made the team on her own merit, so why shouldn't she be allowed to play?

But what if that displaced boy was then to compete for a spot on the girls team and, likely, displace a lesser qualified girl? I heard about something like that once and the din of objection was deafening. But wait! Why do we even need a “girls” team. Didn’t that one girl firmly establish that girls can compete on equal footing with boys? Why not eliminate the girls basketball team entirely and make it a one team per school sport where the best get selected to play? Oh, you can still have junior varsity for the lesser or younger players, but boys and girls together in each.

Of course, anyone that has ever watched all but the youngest children at play knows that predominantly boys would win the vast majority of slots on any team involving physical effort. So the predictable result would be that very few girls would ever get to participate in sports beyond the elementary level, let alone college. And, of course, the vitriol spewing from the opposition will hasten to point out just how unfair that would be (without explicitly stating of course, that it’s because of how “unequal” men and women are physically).

But such a direct and explicit egalitarian and merit based approach does not fit the “I want my cake and eat it too” feminism philosophy.

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