Yes, most men want good things to happen to women.

“most men in power positions don’t want women making the decisions.”

Most anybody in power doesn’t want anybody else making the decisions. People in power, men or women, didn’t get there letting other people make decisions for them. Here, again, though, what do you really know about “people in power”? By your own statement, you’ve worked for “forty years working with couples in a medical setting.” How does that give you access to “men in power positions” such that you could make such an inclusive statement? Do you deny even the possibility that there are simply fewer women in a position to be relied upon to make decisions because many choose to pursue a different kind of life? Again, you can support any ideology if you simply accept a self-serving declaration as fact. I could just as easily say that women lack the capacity for logical thinking and then craft a whole ideological thesis in opposition, but that would have just as little value or truth as what you’re doing.

“Women have a much tougher time getting promoted, having their ideas listened to, and gaining entry into the inner circles.”

That has not been my experience with respect to women that have voluntarily opted out of the child-rearing aspect of female life and have devoted themselves to career. That would be true for women who feel obligated to do both. That’s why we now have “quality of life” advocates. That’s just camouflage for women saying, we want to have it all but we can’t if we have to compete at work with the same intensity as men. That does not leave time for the other things that we want, like children, family and home. So, yes, for the woman who actually believes that you can “have it all” there is going to be disappointment, because you can’t, especially today when technology makes getting away from the office impossible. Yet, to keep up with the new 24/7 demand, something else has to give and to the extent women are devoting time to home and hearth, they’re going to come up short on the business end.

“I hope your daughter is able to rise as far as she wishes, especially after she has children …”

Do you not even see how much sexism is embedded in your response? There is a presumption that she desires to “rise” in the business world at all. That’s the feminist agenda talking. The subtext is that she is expected to pursue a “career” because she has the education for it. I, on the other hand, have no preconceived expectations. I understand that it is possible my daughter could choose to remove herself from work outside the home entirely. I understand that as a woman she has an inherent nurturing quality that gravitates toward having a loving relationship, bearing children and making the whole combination into a family and home. I really believe that is an area where men fall short. I can build a house; but my wife can make it a home. I believe that.

Of course, I have no objection if my daughter chooses to follow a professional career. But I will not hear her complain that although she absented herself for five years to have children that she expected to be treated the same as men who had worked and gained the additional five years experience. And I would be very disappointed if my daughter had children only to turn them over to state regulated institutions, like child care, to be raised. Pick one or the other, that’s fine. But sorry, you simply cannot have your cake and eat it too.

Do you really think it will be as easy for her as it would be for her engineer husband ?

Actually, if my daughter chooses the career path, and devotes herself to that pursuit to the exclusion of others, I think she’ll have an easier time, unless her husband is very, very smart and industrious, because she is very, very smart and industrious. Unlike you, I don’t think business have the time to worry about the sex of whomever is doing the job. They need the job done and done right and done right now or they get someone else. About the only time that paradigm is changed is when quotas are imposed, of whatever nature.