In some ways it is refreshing to read your views about the current state of feminism, and how your…

“Perhaps I’ve worked with too many women who have suffered both physically and emotionally at the hands of the men who are “protecting” them.”

“I have seen too many women, who after several years of such a life, feel depressed, diminished, limited, bored and unfulfilled.”

And how does that compare to the number of women who have inflicted emotional or physical suffering? You don’t know. And while I recognize that women are less able to inflict physical suffering on a man, they certainly have that power over children. And, as the author points out, women have a superior talent at inflicting emotional injury or at providing nurturing emotional comfort. So how many women abuse that innate skill and how many apply it generously and compassionately. You don’t know. And how many women have thrived “both physically and emotionally at the hands of men …” You don’t know that either.

The problem of your analysis (or perhaps your experience) is that you only look at (or see) one side of the equation. Yet history would suggest your analysis is skewed to the negative. Nature created men and women different for a reason and based on sheer population growth alone it would seem nature got it pretty right. You’re like a person who notes that most burglars wear gloves and concludes that gloves cause burglaries, without considering that most everyone, including police, wear gloves.

Make no mistake, I have no problem with women in business (indeed, I encouraged, even pushed, my daughter to get an engineering degree). But whether or not she pursues a career in engineering no doubt will be influenced by her gender and what inherently makes her happy. If that happens to be business, that’s great. But if that happens to be motherhood, that’s great too. But it is utter nonsense to say “ The regular procedures of deal making, promotion, and other decisions are still structured to exclude women.” Having been in businesses more than 40 years, I’ve never seen a deal that was “structured to exclude women.” Deals are structured to make money, period. And when they don’t accomplish that in a hurry, the deal-maker is sacked, but quick. No one has time to nuance a deal so that it also effectuates a non-profit objective, let alone some deeply rooted animosity toward females, whom most men love and cherish and want only good things to happen to them.

To borrow a phrase, you are blind, in a dark room looking for the bogyman's shadow — — and finding it.

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