Unlimited Vacation and Other Forms of Guilt-Based Management
Johnathan Nightingale

Regardless the system, employee competition is always there. I worked in a “use it or lose it” system. I became a sign of dedication to surrender at least half at the end of the year. Conversations starting in October could be heard all around, “I’ve got two weeks left and I just don’t know when the work load will allow me to take them,” followed by the inevitable tally in December about how many couldn’t be taken. The only system I’ve heard of that actually defeated the internal competition and actually caused employees to take their vacation was one that tied a “vacation bonus” to actually taking a vacation, which also required leaving the work cell phone at the office. I didn’t work under that system (now retired) but that’s the kind of employer I would like for my children. I think it’s very useful, though, that you’ve exposed this new “unlimited” vacation scheme for what it is. Well done.

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