That’s why if there’s a knife involved, civilized countries get their officers to wear stab vests…
Chris T

That’s not what you said before. You said that “civilized countries” use “big men” to subdue “mere women” and that they don’t behave like “pussies,” which I believe was an effeminate pejorative suggesting that police in the U.S. are cowardly. Let’s face it, your rant was all fiction and denigrating to women as a whole and to both men and women who serve as police officers in the many city, county and state police forces throughout the country (including those who raced to the twin towers on 9/11). The appropriate response when your behavior is revealed to be both in error and insulting is to apologize and promise to do better, not proffer another, non-discriminatory rationale as if it was your original.

As to your latest thesis, I suspect it has as little merit as the first, although at least this one was not deliberately insulting to an entire class of people. First off, Kevlar, used in bullet resistant vests, does little to repel a knife, so it would appear you would have police officers wear a vest upon a vest. Not very practical and, while I’m not saying it can’t be done, I’m not aware of any police department employing such a tactic.

Second, any “vest” protects only what is regarded as “vital organs,” i.e. heart, liver, kidneys, etc. They do nothing to protect extremities or the head. If you’ve ever been in a knife fight (and I have in the line of duty) the more significant risk is from a slashing wound to the hands, arms, face, head and neck. And I don’t care how “trained” you are, if you get into a hand-to-hand struggle with someone wielding a knife, the question isn’t whether you will be cut, because you will be, it will be how seriously you will be cut. While a slashing knife can be fatal (cutting an artery) the more likely scenario is a hand wound involving severed tendons that quite possibly could alter the rest of your life. Not a pleasant thing to “require” police to risk.

Third, your thesis presumes that individual officers determine their own level of training and equipment load-out. They do not. Yet it’s the officers that you want to punch, not the Mayor or City Council or the State legislature that actually determines the level of training or kind of equipment they are willing to pay for. You want to punch a police officer because he or she was not trained properly? You want to punch a police officer because the municipality for which he or she works does not provide the latest in non-lethal equipment? That’s like punching a flight attendant because he or she doesn’t have the brand of beverage you want.

Frankly, I think you just want an excuse to rant and that truth is not your objective but an obstacle to gymnastically avoid. People like you never make things better, and quite possibly just make them worse. In short, you are part of the problem, not the solution.