You are a perfect example of what Wil was writing about.

I know dumb and stupid people and they really don’t give a shit, so I must conclude you have to be a paid troll, because if you weren’t you wouldn’t care.

This single sentence speaks volumes about who and what you are. Words to describe lacking interest are apathy, ambivalence, indifference, etc., none of which connote a level of intelligence. In other words, just to be clear, a very intelligent person can nevertheless be disinterested in a topic or entire subject matter.

Take, for example, the story about Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer with ambiguous (i.e. never quite explained) connection to the Kremlin because she said she had some dirt on Clinton. Many people take no interest in the story because they know there is nothing illegal about meeting with a Russian lawyer and because they know that had that same lawyer approached Clinton promising dirt on Trump her team would have been in there like a shot. So what? Politics are dirty. It’s only an imagination like Weaton’s that could ever make this out to be anything more.

For you, though, to be disinterested in a subject in which you are interested means that person is “dumb and stupid.” Moreover, if someone actually expresses an interest but in opposition to your opinion they are still “dumb and stupid” but must have been paid, because clearly, anyone who actually “cares” must agree with you.

Wow! You should write a book so we all don’t make the mistake of having or (perish the thought) expressing an “un-nosemjaid” thought. The last time someone had all the answers they created a whole new testament around him. Clearly, someone who has their finger on the pulse of what’s interesting and what’s not and what’s right or wrong as you have ought at least be entitled to similar treatment. Please, give us The Holy Book of Nosemjaid so that we can hear and live by Your Holy Word and stop all this sinful disagreement with you.