With tolerance comes the idea of what is or is not tolerable.
Ron Collins

“What is intolerable, is an edict from on high, ordering every school district in the land, … to throw open facilities where young people are getting undressed with one another ….”

I don’t pretend to know everything about the issue, but what I understand is the trans-gender individual is “uncomfortable” using the facility that is consistent with his/her biology and so the edict has issued that failing to accommodate this “uncomfortableness” by permitting use of the facility consistent with gender-identity as opposed to biology is not only unconscionable but illegal. What I fail to understand is why the feelings of the biological girl or boy who has no gender identity confusion and who uses the facility consistent with her/his biology but is “uncomfortable” having a person of the opposite sex (regardless of gender identity) in the facility where she/he is undressing is not even a considered issue, let alone whether parents are “uncomfortable” about it. Why is the “uncomfortableness” of the trans-gender student given exclusive priority? Why is the “uncomfortableness” of the gender aligned users and their parents disregarded? Seems this is the tip of the tail wagging the dog.

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