LOL. Oh, my, but you think you have thought up some kind of argumentative endgame.
Terry Stigers

You have seriously miscued. I’ve never had any illusions about getting you to concede anything. Perhaps you erroneously believed that because that’s what you had in mind. Sorry to disappoint. In any event, while I thank you for your concern, I’m not the least bit embarrassed by anything I’ve written. Nevertheless, conspicuously absent from your latest response is any kind of answer to the posed question: If, indeed, you believe that a white man is incapable of earning success by other than white privilege, being a white man how in good conscience do you keep the success that you admittedly achieved but did not earn? If you ever previously espoused this theory, novel as it is, you must have faced this question as it is so obvious. So it puzzles me why you neglected to include even an abbreviated rationale but instead opted entirely for a not-so-veiled ad hominem attack. And, again, while I thank you for your concern, it’s my time and I’m fairly comfortable in my choices as to how I spend it.

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