My friend (let’s call him Steve) has a world view that depends upon a belief that everyone in the…
Terry Stigers

You know, in graduate school they test by anonymous blue book monitored by a proctor. Identification is by number. The instructor doesn’t get to see the student on test day or even know the name of the test taker when grading the test. By your reckoning, though, if a white person scores well that can never be due to effort, hard work, long hours, sacrifice or even intelligence. That high test score is due to the fact the person is white. I guess that’s the difference between conservatives and liberals. A conservative looks to find what it takes to succeed and then implement those things. A liberal looks to find reasons why others have prevented them from succeeding and diminish the success of others. You’re nothing but a walking bag of excuses. Suffice to say you and I disagree on just about every level.

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