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Salazar-Limon’s failure to use the specific words “I did not reach for my waistband” are, perhaps, a sign that he needs better lawyers.

You seem to be a bit careless with your suppositions. Perhaps the drunk didn’t remember whether he “reached” or whether or not his hands strayed in such a way that someone might have thought he was “reaching.” Or perhaps, like many drunks, he did reach to his waistband, but not for a weapon, but rather to pull up his pants or tuck in a shirt.

If the drunk could not conclusively state under oath that he “did not reach for his waistband” for any reason at all, the lawyers are legally and ethically prohibited from introducing such a statement. Most likely, he was asked and couldn’t remember whether he made a gesture toward his waistband so the lawyer did the next best thing by including a statement that the drunk could attest to (i.e. that the shot occurred immediately) leaving the arguable implication that there was insufficient time for any untoward gesture to have been perceived as a threat before a shot was fired.

Seems before you malign someone you should be sure of your facts and when you’re not sure avoid making an unfounded personal attack. Perhaps what we need are better journalists.

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