Back in August last year I shared an idea on twitter about a trend I was observing at the intersection of compute chips-sets, AI and general vs. specific computing:

Full thread:

A mega-trend apparent in our world today is the increased use of software for machine-learning/data-processing as billions of terabytes of data is being collected and translated into valuable information. Or in other words:

“Software is eating the world” — Marc Andreessen.

However, if software really is eating the world, it’s going to need massive amounts of compute power to do it!

Increased demand for silicon is nothing new…

Security Token Offerings (STOs)

Full Report — The Evolution of Capital Formation

Executive Summary

Over the past year, Initial Coin Offerings (“ICO”), a new crowdfunding mechanism using blockchain technology, has captured the attention of millions of technologists, entrepreneurs and investors worldwide. This ICO ‘boom’ eventually peaked in Q1 2018 and the bubble burst shortly thereafter, with global cryptoasset market valuations declining over 80% since.

Part I — Introduction to Security Tokens & Blockchain Technology

If history has taught us anything, it’s that these bubble cycles are typical when discussing technological advancements. Using Carlota Perez’s framework; technology cycles are broken into two distinct phases: the installation phase and the deployment phase…

Full Report — The Positive Externalities of Bitcoin Mining

Executive Summary

It’s become popular today to dismiss Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work as wasteful and bad for the environment. We believe this is a narrow view that misses the forest for the trees. We wrote this paper with the intention to illustrate the other side of the story and what we believe to be the positive externalities of Proof-of-Work mining.

You can make Bitcoin’s electricity usage seem relatively large — ‘Bitcoin uses more electricity than a country!’. You can also make it look relatively small — ‘Bitcoin uses less electricity than Christmas lights worldwide’. The closest comparable, global data centers, which today consume over…

Initiation Report (October 2017): FULL REPORT
Update Report (August 2018): FULL REPORT

Since 2017, the Node research team has been following the Decred project with a lot of interest as part of our research coverage universe. We published our initiation report in October of last year and shared it privately with our subscriber base with a lot of positive feedback. The hybrid consensus mechanism this protocol applies is quite unique in the industry and differentiates it from the competition.

Today, we’re opening up our research database to share more of our work online publicly with the rest of the community…

On August 1, 2017 — the Bitcoin community split (or a ‘hard fork’ fork if you will) on an all important and hotly debated topic, scaling Bitcoin. Two distinct camps with two different ideologies were formed from this date: one that wants to scale Bitcoin off-chain through solutions such as the Lightning Network, and the other that wants to continue scaling Bitcoin on-chain by increasing the block size “limit” from 1 MB. Both camps hold almost vicious beliefs that the opposing group is fundamentally wrong. This leads to multiple arguments online on social media, at conferences and interviews. What was…

Over the last six months startups have raised $1.3B in capital through anonymous crowdfunding.

That’s a big number. The most valuable raise this year (Tezos — $232M) accomplished this with zero product and zero traction. Venture capitalists and entrepreneurs around the world are left scratching their heads. Media agencies are balking at the numbers and calling all ICOs ‘scams’. This is all happening in the ever-evolving world of crypto-currencies. I’m sure you’ve heard of Bitcoin before, but did you know that we now have 1,000+ other assets and currencies in this marketplace? The crypto-world has grown in the last year…

The very backbone of capitalism as we know is the language under which it is governed — double-entry accounting. This system of debits and credits has governed our business lives since the 900s, originating from the second Muslim Caliphate civilization. It was initially adopted as written accounting for the regulation of zakat (mandatory religious donations). This concept was further developed by Luca Pacioli, an Italian merchant who worked with Leonardo Da Vinci. He codified the system into his textbook as “Assets = Liabilities + Equity”. He is now known as the father of accounting. …

“Financial freedom my only hope / Forget livin’ rich and dyin’ broke”

Over the weekend — JAY-Z released his 13th solo studio album, 4:44. Naturally as a life-long fan of his work — it’s the only thing I’ve been playing since. This album is the most mature piece of work JAY-Z has put together to date.

It always perplexed me when the critics said “he’s too old for rap now, please stop making music Jay and retire forever.” Since when is age a limiting factor in music? If anything, a rapper should improve with age — adding a wider array…

Saad Imran

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