Overview of сrypto-currency for today

The price continues to form the fourth wave on the chart. This is a direct continuation of the corrective upward vector, which began a week ago. The duration of this trend allowed even to wake up again rumors about the imminent growth of bitcoin and the restoration of the positions of the end of 2017.

Providers of Retail Analytics

The XSEARCH market forms opportunities for other roles rather than the ones of the seller and the buyer. REQUSTING and OFFERING involve understanding of retailers and customers. That is why it is possible to participate in XSEARCH as an analytics provider. Fulfilling this role, one can…

Tokens as Motivation to Participate

The data contributed to the activity ledger is a basis of supporting interactions in the XSEARCH ecosystem. That is why it is extremely important. All in all, any activity contributed to the ledger is valuable for XSEARCH being a retail market. REQUESTING data may cause…

Example: Direct Auto Marketing

Direct marketing can level explicit REQUESTING activities formed by potential customers, as shown below. Retailers can make an analysis of a great number of REQUESTs placed on the ledger for identifying potential matches of customers and creating direct-to-consumer advertisements or discounts through OFFERING. For acting on OFFERING that matches REQUESTING of the customer, it is possible to create a smart contract with the relevant retailer. It includes motives to view the ad, visit the store, or continue the further retailer-customer interaction. As seen by the retailer, providing potential customers with these motives is not so costly and guarantees higher return on investment as compared to paying for ads to the ad service provider.

XSEARCH Ecosystem
XSEARCH relies on blockchain when storing and managing vast amounts of data related to customer activities in the search ecosystem. These activities are formed by software endpoints that are operated by customers or retailers they interact with. Many types of software applications including marketing dashboards and retail websites…

Technical Solution

A distributed blockchain-based system is one of the essential innovations that XSEARCH focuses on. Here every participant in the XSEARCH system is incentivized by (CAT).

The primary vision for the XSEARCH and its token are based on Ethereum technology. This is an open blockchain-based source distributed computing platform that utilizes smart contracts. These cryptographically safe smart contracts are applications stored in the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is the initial target. That is why we may transit to a different blockchain technology.

Local Community Services
XSEARCH can also be used by the local community when searching for low cost services, e.g. babysitting, dog walking, tutoring, and other services that are usually offered by students or teens within a certain local community. XSEARCH is an accessible and entirely free platform where young people can advertise and promote their services or even fulfill some services on demand. In this case not high skill jobs are focused on, but on peer-to-peer local community errand-like tasks.

Legal Consultants

The nature of legal cases are unique and various. That is why sharing of personal data can be quite critical when looking for the correct professional in this area. Every individual case has flexible data, and it is rather challenging for people to provide all details about themselves…

XSEARCH offers a unique system with no intermediaries.

However, there is a way out of this endless circle. XSEARCH offers a unique system with no intermediaries. On the contrary, all interactions are facilitated by the network. Business will not have to pay to intermediary parties. Instead of that, it is possible to make personalized offers to consumers by using the decentralized application of XSEARCH.

Causes of success of crypto currency

The market of crypto currency is overheated. Hundreds of new coins do not add stability to it. Even old-timers like bitcoin are unstable in price. Why, then, do new currencies appear, who finances the initial issue of coins (ICO)? In a few words for hasty, the essence can be stated as follows. A significant number of ICO-projects are financed by people who have grown rich in bitcoin. The holders of bitcoins need to diversify their investments, since the main, initial currency is less stable than some of its followers. The owners of the bitcoins who became millionaires do not want to pay taxes. ICO — an excellent occasion for this public to solve at once a number of problems.

Xsearch Io

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