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Hello everyone! i know its been an on and off blog during the past 2 weeks. i have been busy with personal offline life and need to finish some priorities so i can focus 100% on my daily blogs on bitnewsportal.

This will be a daily blog series about cryptocurrency, life and money talks. I will not bored you with some useless shilling of different project. Since i only joined 100% free airdrop project that is open for all and free for everyone to join.

Today will be the beginning of this lifelong daily blog series and you can expect a daily blog post whenever you open my blog site.

First off, Let me share my simple airdrop story. I started joining different airdrop project since 2013 and not all of them turns out a success and sadly majority turned scam running away leaving investors down and dry. That’s why i decided to do my own research before joining an airdrop project and after a series of failures i learned alot of things to become a successful airdropreneurs.

By doing your own research you will minimize the risk of losing your time and energy on worthless project. The most important thing you need to check is the team behind the project, You don’t need to know their name and see their faces. We are in cryptocurrency world where the most important factor is PRIVACY.

Research the following

  1. Activity — The first thing you need to check is their activity, Are their active? are their actively participating in the common discussion in the community?
  2. Technical Experties — Since we cannot expect an overnight development updates, You should check if they have the technical know how, Can they provide wallet support if their users experience difficulties in using crypto wallets. A simple thing that you need to checkout but will show if the dev is a real dev or the “dev” just pay someone to build the coin.
  3. Team members — One thing you should also check is the team members, mostly this members are from the community that volunteer or applied for a community position such as moderators, support, marketing and some other position. This is ussually the front liners of the dev team and these guys are ussually paid to the job so check them out if they are approachable or arrogant towards the community.
  4. Community — Well this is US, Check it out if the community is BOT or REAL People. Check it our by visiting any of their community social media such as forum, twitter,telegram and discord. You can easily distiguished a bot community to a real lively community.

Thats my simple 4 point rules of research before jumping into a project.

Starting Tomorrow for my daily blog series i will share you the things i learned in the past that you can also apply today to become a successful airdropreneurs.

I hope you find this article useful and educational, Thank you for reading!




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