Using Artificial Intelligence to Generate Mass Tort Leads

Facebook has become one of the most powerful advertising platforms ever. Need proof? Take a look at their recent $400 Billion dollar valuation. They make money from ads, and they make money from data.

But when it comes to actually making sense of the megaton of data that they collect, Facebook can’t do it with humans alone. They use artificial intelligence to do things from facial recognition in photos to curating which advertisements will show up in your news feed.

So how can we harness this power to generate mass tort leads? The answer lies in the Facebook Pixel. The Pixel supercharges conversions by giving you the ability to see who is on your site, what they’re clicking on, and if they filled out a form or not.

Basically, a pixel is a little snippet of code you add to your website. When a user visits the site, the pixel hooks onto them like a little grass sticker– following them wherever they go. The benefit is that once your pixel has hooked onto enough people, you can make Facebook ads that specifically target people who visited your site, but didn’t submit their information.

You can start running hyper-targeted ads like:

  • People who visited in the last 24 hours
  • People who visited the personal injury section of your website
  • People who visited a Xarelto section of your website

These retargeted ads increase your site’s overall conversion. And here’s the kicker, let’s say you create an audience of people who signed up for a free consultation for IVC filter problems–these are highly qualified leads– you can then go and create a new custom audience of people who look like the users who converted. Facebook’s artificial intelligence will crunch the data to see the exact profiles of the people who converted, and they will find other users (potentially millions) who have the same ages, interests, income, injuries and the like, so that you can target them with Facebook advertising.

Let me say that again. Think of your 5 best mass tort clients. Now, imagine that you hire a private detective to scour the 100s of millions of Americans for the exact same type of people. That’s the power Facebook is offering. And it is staggering.

Now think about if you had a company that could do all this for you and only charged you an agency rate (15%) to run the campaign for your law firm. X Social Media are running these campaigns for 80 law firms today, producing more than 10,000 leads a month. We only advertise on Facebook, so any lead you see from us only comes from somebody on Facebook.

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Yours Sincerely

Jacob Malherbe

X Social Media LLC