Xsolus Creates a Blockchain-Based Product Ecosystem for Developers and Non-Developers

Xsolus is an IT solutions company specializing in blockchain technology applications, web, and mobile app development.

These days, with the rising popularity of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, it seems that every startup company is jumping onto the bandwagon. In a study conducted by the Critical Blockchain Research Initiative (CBRI), a new cryptocurrency can be easily created at any time. To date, there are over 1,600 altcoins — and the number keeps growing each day as more blockchain startups are launched.

Xsolus: Our Leading Edge as a Blockchain Solutions Company

Where most of these startups fall short, however, is that they focus more on products — that is, the creation of new cryptocurrency — and its market value. With the wildly fluctuating market value of cryptocurrencies, this often makes it difficult for investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to truly profit from cryptocurrency trading. This volatility, coupled with the many legal issues that some fraudulent ICOs face, has placed blockchain and cryptocurrency in a bad light.

Many of these blockchain startups also fail to realize what the very essence of cryptocurrencies is: its underlying technology, the blockchain. Blockchain technology goes beyond cryptocurrencies and market value — its innovative technology is already valuable by itself.

And this is why Xsolus is ahead of the game: As a blockchain startup, we set our sights on developing blockchain solutions that will help realize the full potential of blockchain technology. We made choices at every step to adopt technologies that make it easier for anyone in the blockchain community to participate in creating innovative solutions on the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Our Product Ecosystem

Xsolus is a Panama-based blockchain solutions company, with a worldwide presence spanning across Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Canada and the United States. Unlike other blockchain-based companies, we offer a suite of blockchain products to build real-world solutions and innovate blockchain-related technologies.

One of our core products is Coin Of The Realm (COTR), an open-source blockchain platform that’s designed for both developers and non-developers to easily build, test, and deploy their blockchain and cryptocurrency-powered platforms.

COTR works hand-in-hand with our universal cryptocurrency wallet, which allows the sending and receiving of cryptocurrency, or calling other smart-object methods on any realm from any mobile or desktop device. The COTR universal wallet app for both iOS and Android is set to be released some time on October 2018.

An addition to Xsolus’ arsenal is the hybrid cryptocurrency decentralized exchange platform Bull Bear Exchange (BBeX), which offers fast and seamless trade execution, and expected trading charts and views.

Xsolus also offers CROWDFUND, a crowdfunding/ICO platform that aims to help startup businesses with their fundraising efforts.

Knitting all of these together is Xsolus’ business incubator program, InventCrypto (IC). The program is designed to leverage our in-house blockchain-related technologies, other best-of-breed tools, and access to funding through Xsolus’ crowdfunding platform.

Extending Our Capabilities to Develop Innovative Blockchain Solutions

More than just a product-centric company, we at Xsolus extend our capabilities to offer services and solutions to our clients, taking our existing products and further developing them to our client’s specific needs.

With our robust product ecosystem and vast experience in web, mobile, and application development, as well as blockchain-cryptocurrency mining and development, our clients can take full advantage of the promise of a truly decentralized system.

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Blockchain technology is reshaping our future as we know it. Not only is it applicable to cryptocurrency commerce and trading; its applications are broad and varied — from eCommerce, supply chain management, banking, intellectual property, law, healthcare, and so much more.

If you want to get started with your blockchain project, or if you’re interested to know more about blockchain technology, get in touch with Xsolus!

About Xsolus

Xsolus is an IT solutions company specializing in blockchain technology applications, web, and mobile app development.

Comprised of solution architects, software developers, UI/UX designers, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Xsolus seeks to contribute to the blockchain-cryptocurrency community by continuing to grow a global team of like-minded individuals to build real-world solutions, innovate blockchain-related technologies, and increase the stability and governance of actors in the community.

For further information about Xsolus, visit https://xsolus.com.

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