College Stress

As graduation approaches us, we start to think a lot more about our future. We also start to worry a lot more about college and we start to overthink things. Coping with this stress can be hard because we don’t get enough sleep because of school but also we have homework stacked on top of all everything else we have to worry about, for example like scholarships, placement exams, financial aid applications and much much more. I thought senior year was going to be the easiest, but in reality it is the most stressful with the most work. There is no time for slacking during senior year, it only starts to get fun after March when testing is over and we know what college we want to go to. The best way to cope with this stress is to get enough sleep and try to relax, but then again that is kind of impossible with all the classes and extra work teachers give us, so I guess we’ll just die.

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