XT Liquidity Mining Introduction

1 min readNov 5, 2021


XSwap liquidity providers can participate in liquidity mining to earn XT tokens. In the first mining cycle, the daily output is 500,000 XT per day.

(Block generation speed is 5 seconds/block, and each block produces 29 XT as reward for miners.)

XSwap Liquidity Mining APY (paid in XT)

*LP must contribute equal value of tokens on both side of trading pair

ABEY (single token mining) — 11.5%

BTC/USDT — 11.5%

ETH/USDT — 11.5%

DOT/USDT — 11.5%


XT/ABEY — 115%

Formula for calculating APY of liquidity mining on decentralized exchanges:

APY = (XT’s annual output ✖️XT price) ➗ total valued locked

Please note: The APY of liquidity mining on decentralized exchanges is variable. The XT rewards that users will ultimately receive depend on the price of XT, the total value locked on the platform, and trading pairs that may be added/deleted in the future. The APY will not be calculated in the same manner as in traditional institutions, such as a bank.




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