By Michael Almiroudis aka xterest

Electroneum has a unique approach to mass adoption in the crypto space. They are doing something very different, by combining Fintech Mobile Payments and Cryptocurrency in an easy to use mobile payment solution; and it looks like it is gaining traction as of lately. Recently, Richard Ells the CEO of Electroneum announced that everything was back on track now that KYC/AML and the patent pending Instant Payment System (IPS) are live. Since that announcement, the project saw a huge run-up in value over the course of a few days in late September 2018.

Electroneum has had some setbacks during 2018, primarily due to hitting many regulatory hurdles. These setbacks have put a hindrance on the MOU deals that they had in place. These deals got stopped in their tracks as the lawyers got involved and saw the regulatory risks of doing business with a blockchain. Now that these issues are resolved, this is looking to be the beginning of some fascinating times for Electroneum and Cryptocurrency as a whole. …

Michael Almiroudis

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