I dislike many bugs. I am also software engineer.

I was born in Obihiro, Hokkaido, Japan. Hokkaido is Japanese prefecture in most north of Japan. Hokkaido’s weather is cool, and its winter is too cold. So Hokkaido has only little bugs.

Especially, many people say that Hokkaido does not have any cockroach. In fact, Hakodate (south of Hokkaido) and Sapporo (most biggest city of Hokkaido), it seems that cockroaches lives part of those cities. However in almost Hokkaido, I think that its do not live.

As mentioned above, I was born in Hokkaido. And I live Hokkaido till 18 years old. In my 18 years Hokkaido life, I did…

I want to learn English and be good English speaker.

I am Japanese and Japanese spearker. I am open source software engineer, so I WRITE and READ English somehow. However I can almost not SPEAK and HEAR English.

I am in Tokyo Japan. I want to learn English speak and hear skill. But I do not have place of learning English. Is there English learning spot in Tokyo, Japan? Or is there good study method of English in Japan? I want to information of these!

Medium? What is this?

In the world, there are some microblog/blog service, e.g. Twitter, and so on. I consider how I have to use medium. I am Japanese and speak/write Japanese on Twitter and so on. Japanese language has too many information per word length than other latin language. So some people says that Japanese language and/or Japanese user adapt Twitter. Because Medium have to be write long lantin (English) message, I think. So I write English to Medium as first post now.

I have poor English skill. I am Japanese.

OGATA Tetsuji

東京で会社勤めをしている30代男性です。職種はウェブ開発エンジニア。仕事では主にPerlやJavaScriptなどを書いたり、Linuxサーバまわりをいじったりしています。 古典派周辺のクラシック音楽や機能的なカフェを好んでいます。あと、路線バスも好き。

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