Design a solution, stop lamenting.

The world is fast elvoving,many patterns,methods, and styles are becoming obsolete. In any vocation of life you find yourself, things are changing fast, so fast than it has ever did. The medicals are vigorously working on ground breaking genomic research to shift practice fully into precision, predictive and personal medicine. The social scientist is faced with explaining new social theories that define societial behavior and actions. The Computer scientist wants to perfect artificial intelligence and machine learning, all these because the requirements for daily living are changing.

Then on individual levels, each of us must not be left behind. Many lament over the inability to make progress beyond a point, the inability to correct mistakes or the inability to contribute meanifully to a course of action. I invite you to ask yourself, have i designed a solution? or am i still relying on the previous template. Something funny happened in the laboratory a couple of days back. I have a wonderful script that analyze social media data for me and unveil interesting patterns. I grew into the comfort zone of plug and play and on this day i got an error report. I screamed what? why? oh no… i was furious as i needed the work done. I sat and said why! why!! why!!!. So simply i lost focus, i forgot that circumstances has change and i should change that the program has updated and a component of the code has become obsolete so i needed to update it. I needed to redesign my solution to meet with current trend. It happens like that for us all. We face hickups and then we go lamenting than designing a solution again. We always wanna feel no this shouldn’t happen, Hey it happens life is dynamic. So when life hit you with a stop or difficult time don’t take forever lamenting. Calm down, look at what is new and design a solution. To design a solution is to plan and prepare the sketch and requirement for a work to be done. Get into the habit of designing solutions and see life as beautiful as it can be. As Les Brown quoted ‘accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else’.