Last week I saw a exhibition named Sonic Arcade: Shaping Space with Sound in The Museum of Arts and Design and I felt very excited about some of the work.

Figure1: Sonic Arcade features Polyphonic Playground, a project by Studio PSK that incorporates on-site residency and activation by New York–based choreographers.

I found this imersive playground super exciting bacause not only it brings audiences and organizations closer together, but also combine audio, interactive and palyful(see fig1).

Figure 2: Detail of the Polyphonic Playground

When audience engage in this environment, they need to touch panles to achieve their activities(see Fig2). For instence, if a child climbs the shelf, the panels will be lightend with a flash and audio comes out. He touchs four panels everytime when he climes thus diffirent audio compose to a new rhythm. However, when the touches leave the panel, sounds disppear. This is quite interesting becauseI was inspired by this instalation and can even think of how to continue my previous work Giselle in some extent. This is exactly what I am looking for-Combing creative, interactive, playful that the audience can engage in and experience but not too artistic. And it can even use as a commercial idea, that is, if it is a real playground that cost outside of the museum, people may still willing to pay for it because of its difference.

Figure 3: Propagation (Opus 3), 2015

Here is another interesting instalation, which also make audience participate in(see Fig3). It is like a bigger musical instrument that give every audience an opportunity to make their own order of the rhythm. It make the audience a sense of engagement while they sweep their fingers over the string. They take photos, talk to each other and even play together.

The card reader

Despite the totally new experience to make audio, this work conveys ancient but technologies(see Fig4). People can simply blacking the blank to whatever they like and put it into the reader. Then they can hear their audio work. It reminds me of the codes I learn these days that these works realize by it.

The forms of the artistic work and the ways of interactive in this exhibition really expand my horizon and make me think more possibilities of my work in the future.